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Koshi Tapu Wild Life Reserve

Total Area : 175 sq km.
Buffer Zone : 173 sq km.
Activities :Game viewing, bird watching
Accommodation : Resort ,Tented Camps
Access :90-minutes drive from Biratnagar which is 50 minutes via air or 500 km by               road from Kathmandu
Best Season : Oct-Mar :April-Jun (hot)
                       Jun-Sep (monsoon)
Reserve Headquarter :Kusaha,
Contact : 025-530897

Koshitapu wildlife reserve has been craved a place for itself as a bird watcher paradise. The reserve spreads over the saptari and sunsari districts in the East Nepal over the embankments of Koshi River. The reserve has been recognized as a wetland site from 1987. The vegetation of the reserve is mainly grassland with patches of scrub and decidious riverine forest. The reserve has recorded around 479 spicies of bird variety, some of which fly all the way from siberia during winter. A wide variety of ducks, herons, strocks, egrets, ibis are seen of riverbank. Koshitapu Wildlife Reserve also has one of the few elephant stables of Asia. Other animal found here are wild buffalo, wild boar, hog deer, spotted deer, blue bull jackal. Gharial crocodile and Genetic dolphins are also found here.
Contact :
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