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Cho Oyu 8201 m (The Sixth highest peak in the world)

cho oyu

Unlike other attempts, the successful expedition to Cho Oyu had its origins in very simple circumstances. Cho Oyu is the easiest mountain to climb among the 8000 meters mountain. Cho Oyu lies 20 Km West of Everest, at the border between China and Nepal.  In Tibetan, Cho Oyu means “Turquoise Goddess” .
The first attempt to this mountain a was made by an expedition supported by a Joint Himalayan Committee of Great Britain as preparation for an attempt to Mount Everest the following year with Eric Shipton as team leader. Expedition also include Edmund Hillary, George Lowe, Charles Evants and Tom Bourdilon, but technical difficulties at ice cliff above 6650m forced them to give up a climb.
Finally on 19th October 1954 Tichy, Joseph Jochler and Pasang Dawa Lama climbed via the north ridge. The first Nepali to climb it was Ang Phuri Sherpa on 29th April  1987.

Makalu 8463 m (The fifth highest peak in the world)

Mt. Makalu is 20 km east of Everest in the Khumbu region and is the fifth highest peak in the world. The mountain lies in the Makalu Barun National Park, Sankhuwasava and is known for its perfect pyramid shape with four sharp ridges. North of the mountain lies Tibet and It has two notable subsidiary peaks. Kangchungtse , or Makalu II, 7678 lies in the Northwest of the main summit. The other is Chomo Lonzo which lies just north of the main peak.
                              Makalu was first climbed on 15th may 1955 by Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy, member of French expedition led by Jean Franco. Makalu is one of the harder eight thousanders  and considered as one of the most difficult mountain in the world to climb. The mountain has challenging steep pitches and knife white the final ascent of the summit pyramid involves technical rock climbing.
                                                  In 2006, a French mountaineer named Jeff Christophe Lafailee disappeared while trying to make first winter ascent. Makalu is only the 8000 m peak which has yet to be climbed during true winter conditions. The first Nepali to climb Makalu was  Ang Chepal Sherpa on 1st may 1978.

Lhotse, 8516 m (The fourth highest peak in the world)


Lhotse is connected to Everest via the south col and is the fourth highest mountain in the world. The main summit is 8516 m while Lhotse Middle (east) is 8414 m and Lhotse shar is 8383 meters. It lies at Solukhumbu district.  Very often climbers making an attempt on Everest, go up the Lhotse to acclimatize.  In fact, the usual route leading to Everest starts up the North West face of Lhotse and then cuts across to the more famous mountain.
      An early attempt on Lhotse was made by the 1955 International Himalayan Expedition. They climbed up the west Camp and the North West face of Lhotse reaching an altitude of 8100 m. They were beaten back by unexpectedly strong wind and cold temperatures.
The first to the Lhotse summit were Swiss team of Ernst Reiss and Fritz Luchsinger from the Swiss Mount Everest/Lhotse  Expedition on 18th may  1956. And Lhotse shar was Summitted on 12th may. The first Nepali to reach the Lhotse summit was  Urkien Tshering Sherpa on 8th may 1977.

Kanchanjunga (Third Highest Peak In The World)


Early Mount Kanchanjunga was considered as the highest mountain in the world. Later it became apparant that the peak was only the third highest mountain after the Everest and K2(Karakoram, Pakisthan). It lies 128 km east of Everest. The western face lies in Nepal, Taplejung district while the other side lies in the state of sikkim, India. Kanchenjunga or Kanchenzonga in Sikkimese means "Five treasures of the Great Snows" as the mountain has five porminent peaks. They are Kanchanjunga Main (8586m.) Yalung Kang (8505m.), Kanchanjunga West (8420m.) and the Twin Peaks (Both 8476m.). Unlike most of other Himalayan peaks, this mountain lies north to south and the Kanchanjunga glacier drains into the tamor river which is tributory of Koshi. Kanchanjunga is one of the most difficult mountain to climb. Climbing Kanchanjunga has been contemped by as far back as in 1882. Yet no attempt was made till 1905. The first to go up the Yalung glaicer was Alaister Crowely but he lost four men on the moountain. After than for fifteen years no one dared another attempt. In 1929 an American climber named Francis Climbed up the south face but he was never seen again. After that also many climbers from different countries made unsuccesful attempt to the kanchanjunga summit. Many Climbers and potters lost their life during this period.
Wihth the breakout of second world war, there was no climbing in the himalayas. The next attempt was made by Gilmour Lewis and George Frey in 1951 and they failed. Once more they tried in 1954 with no more sucess.
Finally Fifty years afer the first attempt, in 1955 a British expedition took off, led by Charles Evanas who had been a member of succesful expidition on Everest two years earlier. Goerge Band and Joe Brown finally made it to the summit of this difficult mountain. The first Nepali to climb the Kanchanjunga was Ang Phurba Sherpa on 14th may 1980.

Mt. Everest/Sagarmatha, 8848 M.

Latidude :27degree, 59' 17" N, Longitude : 86 degree, 55' 31" E
Mount Everest
Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world lies in the Khumbu region, Solukhumbu district, at Sagarmatha Zone of Eastern develpoment Region, Nepal on the northen border with Tibet/China and also falls within the Sagarmatha National Park. The Tibetian and Sherpas whi lives close to the mountain Knew it as a chhomolungma and the Nepalese government gave it the name "Sagarmatha". The name Everest was named by Andrew Waugh in honor of his predecessor, George Everest.         At 29th may 1953 the Newleland's climber Edmund Hillary and a Neapaleese Tenjing Norke Sherpa reached the Everest Summit for the very first time. Before that many climbers had tried to reach the summit but no succesful climb was made. After Sherpa and Hillary reached the top of the world, they prooved that man kind can climb the everest and survive at sucha great altitude. Many tried had been made to reach the everest summit before 1953. Before 29 years of sucessful cilimbing of Everest all the way In 1924, Mallory and Lrvine had dissappeared after they were last seen 240m. below the summit. Although Mallory's well preserved body was found high up the mountain in 1999, nobody is really sure either they made it to the summit or died on the way up.
Since 1953 many records have been broken and many Sherpas have climbed more than 10 times each. Many of climbers today climbs everest to set new records such as speed record, to become youngest or oldest and for many others record.  


Mountaineering is the prime attraction of Purwanchal as it includes the most top mountains such as Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Kumvakarna, Mt. Kanchangjuna etc. Mountaineering can range from Mount Everest (world highest peak, 8848m) to other various highest peak in Purwanchal which are re-known worldwide.

Highest Mountains In Purwanchal

Among all eight thousanders of Nepal, the Eastern Development Region (Purwanchal) contains a big number of mountains than others region. The five out of eight highest mountains lie in purwanchal. They are Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha in Nepali, The highest peak in the world), Kanchanjunga (The third highest mountain in the world), Lhotse (The fourth highest peak in the world), Makalu ( The fifth highest peak in the world) and Cho You (The Sixth Highest peak in the world). All First to sixth (except second highest peak, Mt. K2 Which lies in pakisthan) lie at purwanchal, where as other three lie in western Development region (Paschimanchal).
      Except theese eight thousanders there are many others high peaks which are below 8000m. So Purwanchal consists big numbers of mountains than any other development regions of nepal. Here we are going to describe thoose five highest mountains of world which lie in purwanchal and also some others famous mountains of purwanchal with the height below 8000 m.

Mountains In Nepal

Nepal is a himlayan (Mountainous) Country. It contains lot of high mountains at it's northen phase. It is belived That himalaya was formed 50 milion years ago that, in geological time is considered recent. That is why the genetic chains of mountains are called youngest in the world and they are still rising.
        The mountains above 8000 metres are considered as highest peaks, there are total 14 eight thousandners mountains in this earth and all of thoose 14 eignt thousandners lie in asia. Among 14 Nepal has big share of eight. Which are Mt. Everest (8848m.), Kanchanjunga (8586m.), Lhotse (8516m.) Makalu (8463m.) Cho You (8201m.), Dhaulagiri (8167m.), Manaslu (8163m.) and Annapurna I (8091m.). Other Four lie in Pakisthan and on in china.
       Himalaya streaches 2400 km from east to west. Today himamalaya has become a natural boundary wall between Nepal and Tibet/China in the north and between Nepal and India in the east. The highest peak outisde Asia is the Aconcagua (6959m.) of the Andes in Peru, South America and the highest mountain in Europe is Mt. Elbrus which is significantly small of 5,643m.
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